Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chabad Austin 2013 celebrates last night of Chanukah with a party.

Event No. 5 – The eighth night of Chanukah, December 4, 3013, Chabad Austin offered guests an elegant evening of Israeli wines, the best of kosher cheeses and live music, Los Klozmeros band.

Our proud hosts, the Rebbetzin Mrs. Rochel Levertov and the Rabbi Yosef Levertov. This was a special night for them. It was both the last night of Chanukah 2013 and the official welcoming party for the newest Chabad emissary in Austin, their son, Rabbi Mendy Levertov and the Rebbetzin Mrs. Mussy Levertov.

Chabad's new emissary in Austin, The Rabbi Mendy Levertov and the Rebbetzin Mrs. Mussy Levertov.

The menorah was kindled by Dr. Sterling Kaye.

Rabbi Yosef Levertov welcomes guests and lights the menorah on the last and eighth day of Chanukah 2013.

Rabbi Mendy Levertov, in arguably, one of his first official appearance, explains the significance of the eight miracles of Chanukah for our every day lives.

Los Klozmeros Band - Guy Ben-Moshe, Mark Kapner and Michel Munguia.

A very happy Rabbi Yosef Levertov and two of his sons visiting for the Holidays.

The Rebbetzin Mrs. Mussy Levertov and two of her sister in laws, Chana and Mussi Levertov.

Rabbi Yosef Levertov's Torah and its place of honor.

Several of our community's most charming younger members.

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