Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chabad Austin 2013 celebrates Chanukah at city hall.

Event No. 3 – Chabad Austin, December 1, 2013 celebrates Chanukah at city hall.

Chabad Rabbi Yosef Levertov welcomes guests to the 2013 Chanukah menorah lighting at Austin City Hall.

Austin Chabad, continuing in their annual tradition, lighted their second Chanukah menorah at City Hall on December 1st, 2013.

Rabbi Yosef Levertov wishes to thank all our supporters, old friends and those new faces in helping us celebrate this important annual tradition. Lighting the Chanukah menorah in public is an important act in fulfilling the mitzvot and the wishes of our beloved Rebbe.

Everyone celebrated Chabad style, a natural for Austin.

Rabbi Mendy Levertov, Chabad's newest emissary here, explains the reasons for lighting two public menorahs in Austin. One at the Texas Capitol, another at City Hall. Additionally, the Chabad House on the campus at the University of Texas in Austin puts up a public menorah as well. 

Rabbi Yosef Levertov explains the importance of lighting the Chanukah menorah in public.

The recently arrived Rebbetzin, Mrs. Mussy Levertov, her daughter Chani and the proud grandfather, Rabbi Yosef Levertov.

The proud aunt, Chana Levertov with Chani.

Rabbi Levertov with a local Austin musician.

Chabad of Austin is proud to be a participant in the annual global celebration of Chanukah by lighting the menorah in very public spaces, both as a fulfillment of a mitzvot and the wishes of our beloved Rebbe.

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